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Nimbus – MVC Framework Intro

UPDATE: Since the writing of this post, I’ve converted to and fully endorse Robotlegs as my MVC framework of choice. I invite you to check it out.

For those who don’t know, Nimbus is a Flex MVC framework (or micro-architecture for the technically-inclined). Sponsored by Rain, we develop it primarily for use on our applications but make it available for public use and encourage the community to contribute.

Nimbus pulls core concepts from Cairngorm but is meant to cut out a lot of the plumbing developers groan about when they hear “Cairngorm.” It’s light, but it’s not fluffy. Baked in are those rare and tasty flavor morsels you thought only existed in those Funfetti cupcakes your grandmother bakes with love on your birthday. Continue reading »

Meta-Learnings from Adobe MAX 2008


While I learned a fair share at Adobe MAX 2008, I’d like to focus this post on meta-learnings.  What are meta-learnings?  I’m not sure yet, but here we go:

  • Gucci is to Hollywood as writing books is to nerds.  I don’t remember the number of times I heard someone flaunting his/her authorship on a book, but I’m quite positive it surpassed the fingers on one hand.  Writing books is the new black when it comes to tech.
  • Adobe is very in-tune with their customers.  One of their general sessions was focused on presenting how Adobe is addressing specific customer problems.  Key corporate leaders presented in real style and with what seemed to be honest sincerity.  Being that I’ve seen the problems firsthand, I can honestly say they seem to know what their customers need and how to get there.  At one presentation, a member of the audience asked something related to accessing the screen dimensions of a cell phone an AIR application is running on.  I then overheard one of Adobe’s team members on the back row ask another team member, “Do you know if we do that?”  The other one said, “I don’t know, but let’s take a look at it.”  How many times can you ask a question about a product and get the immediate attention of the development team behind it? Continue reading »

The Why, What, and Where of Custom AMF Class Adapters


If you’ve read my article on Action Message Format (AMF) you’ll already know that AMF is a super-duper way to transfer data between a Flex/Flash/AIR application and its server-side counterpart.  Essentially when the client application makes a call to a service, the server can return a Java (or PHP, Python, .NET) object and when it gets back to the Flex application, wallah, its converted into an identical object in ActionScript.  Similarly, if the client application sends an ActionScript object to the server during a service call, it arrives as an identical Java object.

While that’s impressive, when it comes to implementation in a medium-to-high complexity system there are questions that still need to be answered.   In this article, I’d like to address where to translate custom AMF classes.

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SmoothGallery fixes


Recently I implemented Jonathan Schemoul’s SmoothGallery and ran into a few issues. I’m certain there’s at least one other person out there searching desparately for answers, so here they are Continue reading »