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Dish Network – Why Oh Why?


I understand customer service is a difficult job.  I really do.  In my job each day I help other programmers and I know how it feels to try to solve a problem or answer a question without having my hands on the keyboard and seeing the code.  But sometimes, just sometimes, it seems customer service really goes out of their way to screw things up.  This time, Dish Network was no exception.

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The Bailout Blame Game


Unless you’ve lived under a rock over the last year, you’ve heard our economy is in a heap of trouble mainly due to mortgages our country’s homebuyers can’t pay for.  And if you actually have lived under a rock, I salute you for not being part of the problem.

So who’s to blame?  Oh, there’s plenty to go around alright. Jimmy Carter? Ronald Reagan? Bill Clinton? George Bush? Franklin Raines? Jamie Gorelick? Chris Dodd? Barney Frank? Phil Graham?  The plethora of banks?  Wall street?  Predatory lendors?

Let me share a reader’s comment I found online while reading Bankruptcy, not Bailout, is the Right Answer that I believe encompasses the mindset of many American citizens:

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Thank You for Sharing


Fellow citizens and countrymen, I feel like I’ve had bounteous opportunities to express my gratitude for your zeal for sharing, but never so much as now.  Please, allow me.

Thank you.  Thank you for ignoring evacuation notices so the coast guard can come rescue you at 100x the cost just a few days later.  Thank you for living below sea level where hurricanes rip through several times in a decade.  Thank you for coming back after each one, rebuilding, and pretending it won’t happen again in the next few years.  I can’t express enough how I love paying for levies and FEMA trailers.  We just don’t have enough open land in this great country of ours–what better way to make use of our scarcities than to create artificial ground!

Thank you for purchasing homes and cars that far exceed your income.  Thank you for simultaneously opening multiple credit card accounts and filling them to the brim with the latest designer fashions.  Thank you for racking up bills into the hundreds of dollars for your ten-year-old’s text messages.  Thank you for participating in lotteries, gambling, and pyramid schemes.  After all that, could you do me a favor and turn around and declare bankruptcy?  I just love paying for this stuff!  I can’t get enough of it!

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Utah’s Greatest Gift to Mankind


One of the great things about running a blog is the ability to share with random, distant strangers ideas that only a decade earlier would have been sequestered by a particular region or culture. Today, I’m officially declaring to the world one of the Utah’s greatest gifts to mankind: fry sauce. Utah’s mountains, fluffy snow, KFC, and rock climbing don’t hold a candle to the gift of fry sauce. Fry sauce is a brilliant, salmon-colored mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise, often creatively enhanced with BBQ sauce, garlic, chilies, and/or seasoning. Think I’m pulling your chain? Google frysauce and you’ll find hundreds of others who will never go back to plain ketchup for fry sousing. Continue reading »