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Marriage: Not The Government’s Business


News has been rampant lately when it comes to marriage–in particular the definition of marriage. At times these discussions and arguments have become violent and have raised anger levels amongst various social groups to dangerous levels. Some argue under the banner of morality and religion that the right to marry should be reserved for a man and a woman. Others argue under the banner of tolerance and equality that two people of the same gender should be able to marry one another. But what perpetuates the argument itself is government intervention.

While the arguments have almost wholly surrounded how the government should define marriage, I propose that the argument should instead be whether the government should be involved in defining marriage at all. What’s the purpose? What business does a government have in recognizing a sacred/emotional/spiritual commitment between citizens? Why must it determine who can officiate marriages? Why must its tax and social security laws distinguish between being married and not? Why is it involved at all? Continue reading »

Pay-for-spray: Pre-existing Condition Redux


True story: A man lives in a county where residents must pay $75 at the beginning of each year if they want fire protection from a nearby city. The man’s house caught fire. The man never paid the $75, so the city didn’t save his house.

I couldn’t have designed a better case study for the polar ideals of American legislation if I tried! Don’t get me wrong–it sucks to have anyone’s house burn down, but I absolutely love this as a case study. Continue reading »

Universal Health Care: Because You’re Worth It


A few months ago my TV told me something that has quite possibly become my favorite product tagline ever. Whilst L’Oréal women tossed their hair to and fro in the shimmering light of the photo room, the British, always-sophisticated accent reached out to me with this final bold, convincing statement that absolutely sealed the deal: “Because you’re worth it.”

That’s right! I’m worth it! I’m worth L’Oréal beauty product and nobody can take that away from me. What else must I need for convincing? Why buy anything else? I’m going bold with L’Oréal and never coming back because I’m worth it.

But that’s not all. This morning my TV once again reminded me I’m worth it. Continue reading »

Insurance and Pre-existing Conditions


Ah, “pre-existing conditions.” A couple words that bring us all together in peace and harmony and close the gap amongst parties, races, and economic classes. Uniting words for all of us to use as joint artillery against the evil insurance companies that stand behind their faceless discriminatory practices. A concept that the most inhumane of inhumane would indisputably agree is inhumane.

Except me. Wikipedia defines insurance as “a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent loss. Insurance is defined as the equitable transfer of the risk of a loss, from one entity to another, in exchange for a premium, and can be thought of as a guaranteed and known small loss to prevent a large, possibly devastating loss.”

In other words, insurance is basically a big group of people that are willing to pay a little now to prevent the possibility of paying a large amount later due to some unfortunate, unforeseen occurrence. Insurance can exist because only a relatively small portion of insured are going to become critically injured or sick. From another perspective, this means that a majority of the insured are putting in more than they are taking out. But they keep putting money in because they know they may someday be one of the lucky losers. Not all the insured will or can be lucky losers; not enough money would exist to pay for the expenses. Insurance would cease to exist. Continue reading »

Cash for Clunkers – It’s working!


As you may have heard in the news, the Cash for Clunkers program ran out of money after four days of operation.  Yes, four days.  It was supposed to run for four months. To ensure that clunker-owners don’t fret about not getting free money after trading in their old car, the House of Representatives approved a $2 billion infusion into the program to keep it financed.

First of all, if I were the one responsible for coming up with the funding estimates for such an initiative I would be absolutely embarrassed right now. Financing ran out in 1/30th the time it needed to last. Really? 1/30th? Really. Continue reading »

#1 Priority – Tax-Free Toy Arrows


Remember in the news when all your government representatives had their panties in a wad about how they were scrambling to get a “bailout bill” prepared and passed? Well of all things most important to our country, they somehow managed to find time to slip section 503 into the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008:
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The Bailout Blame Game


Unless you’ve lived under a rock over the last year, you’ve heard our economy is in a heap of trouble mainly due to mortgages our country’s homebuyers can’t pay for.  And if you actually have lived under a rock, I salute you for not being part of the problem.

So who’s to blame?  Oh, there’s plenty to go around alright. Jimmy Carter? Ronald Reagan? Bill Clinton? George Bush? Franklin Raines? Jamie Gorelick? Chris Dodd? Barney Frank? Phil Graham?  The plethora of banks?  Wall street?  Predatory lendors?

Let me share a reader’s comment I found online while reading Bankruptcy, not Bailout, is the Right Answer that I believe encompasses the mindset of many American citizens:

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Thank You for Sharing


Fellow citizens and countrymen, I feel like I’ve had bounteous opportunities to express my gratitude for your zeal for sharing, but never so much as now.  Please, allow me.

Thank you.  Thank you for ignoring evacuation notices so the coast guard can come rescue you at 100x the cost just a few days later.  Thank you for living below sea level where hurricanes rip through several times in a decade.  Thank you for coming back after each one, rebuilding, and pretending it won’t happen again in the next few years.  I can’t express enough how I love paying for levies and FEMA trailers.  We just don’t have enough open land in this great country of ours–what better way to make use of our scarcities than to create artificial ground!

Thank you for purchasing homes and cars that far exceed your income.  Thank you for simultaneously opening multiple credit card accounts and filling them to the brim with the latest designer fashions.  Thank you for racking up bills into the hundreds of dollars for your ten-year-old’s text messages.  Thank you for participating in lotteries, gambling, and pyramid schemes.  After all that, could you do me a favor and turn around and declare bankruptcy?  I just love paying for this stuff!  I can’t get enough of it!

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Utah’s Referendum 1 – School Vouchers


School vouchers are the talk of the town these days here in Utah, and for good reason. The outcome of Referendum 1 could decide where your children go to school–that is, if it fails. If it passes, you can take your children to school pretty much wherever you durn well please. So why such resistance to Referendum 1? Let’s intimately converse.

Over the last few weeks I’ve had several discussions with people both for and against school vouchers. In my experience, there is a high correlation between opinion of school vouchers and opinion of the role of government in education. That is, those who feel that government should provide our children’s education are against school vouchers; conversely, those who feel that government should stay out of education are generally for school vouchers. That’s a simple enough concept. Still, some find the concept that education should be completely privatized to be far-fetched, radical, and on the fringe of insanity. But is it? I’ve consistently heard a few arguments advocating government-managed education and I have counter-arguments to accompany them: Continue reading »

Illegal Immigration


While watching the news a couple months back, I saw something that struck me as rather “oxymoronic.” The broadcast was about the protests in Los Angeles held by illegal immigrants or those who support their cause. While most of the signs that the protesters were holding read something like “Legalize Immigration,” “Land of the Free,” or other phrases advocating open borders, one of them said “No somos illegales.” For the English audience, this means “We aren’t illegals.” Interesting. This summarizes what I think has happened in this whole debate–politicians and many Americans are starting to think the same way. Continue reading »