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Resources For Starting A Website


I’ve been helping people out with their websites recently (as well as starting and a recurring question I hear is “What do I need to start a website?”

There are two things that every website owner needs:

Domain Name

If you look up toward the top of your browser you’ll see an address bar. The first part of the address is That’s a my domain name. Other domain names you’re likely familiar with are,, and

In order to make it easy for users to visit your site, you’ll want to purchase a domain name as well. They’re quite cheap at around $10/year. I use NameCheap to register my domain names. In the past I used GoDaddy but several years back moved all my domains to NameCheap because I got tired of GoDaddy’s constant up-sells and user interface quirks.


Now that you have a domain name, you need a server connected to the internet that can host your website’s files and potentially any databases. I’ve used DreamHost to host multiple websites for over ten years. I love their management console along with its one-click install tools that allow me to install things like WordPress in a jiffy. I’ve also found their customer service to be good and they’ve kindly helped me through problems that turned out to be my fault. I’ve helped others who were using providers like Bluehost but I find DreamHost to be superior. Be sure to use the promo code aaronhardy at checkout to receive the largest discount available.

Once you have a domain name, change the domain’s settings to point to the nameservers provided by your hosting provider. If you’re using DreamHost, the nameservers will be and Once that is complete, upload your website files to your hosting provider (or install something like WordPress) and you’re on your way! Good luck.

Wireless Power


A couple weeks ago I was talking with some family about technological advancements and our predictions of what the future holds.  I predicted in 20 years we would have wireless power.  What does this mean?  It means no cables and no outlets.  Free from tangles, power strips, power converters, three-pronged plugs, and restrictive tethers.  True wireless.  As you might imagine, quite a few obstacles stand in the way of wireless power, number one being how to do it without the consequences of giving birth to kids with five legs and a nose growing out the elbow.

As it turns out, just a few days ago Intel showed off its new wireless power transfer gizmo:

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