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I got my my wife a Kindle for her birthday. She loves it. But she loves beating my high score on the Shuffled Row game even more. So, I made the Shuffled Row Solver. Cheating, you say? Is it cheating to use a dish washer to wash dishes? I submit it’s not. I’m kidding, I’m kidding…of course it’s cheating but it was still fun to make and fun to see her face when she saw my “high score”. Yes, I told her about the app afterward and gave her full credit for continually beating my score.

The game is pretty simple. Letters are added to your row one at a time so you’ll constantly be working with a new set of letters. Create a word using the letters. After you submit a word, the letters you used will be removed and new ones will be added. Increase your score by using less common letters. Create longer words and increase your score even more.

While testing the app, I made some interesting discoveries. I found the best word possible is “quizzical” and will fetch 266 points. Considering it uses nine letters and one round consists of 60 letters, theoretically you could fetch over 1600 points in one round. Nigh unto impossible, but still an interesting tidbit.

Here’s the app. Right-click for the source.

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02.02.2011 / john letter said:

“quizzical” would take two z’s which i have never seen happen.

03.24.2011 / John Doe said:

Yeah, I’ve played the game a lot and I’m certain that they never give you more than one z, q, j, x, k in a given game. The highest word I have spelled with that constraint is equalizer (189 points). My high score is 454. You should post your high score using this program.

04.08.2011 / kat said:

I have seen multiple z’s and x’s several times. In fact, I spelled “dizzy” just yesterday.

05.09.2011 / Rajah said:

I have been playing this game a lot during recent medical treatments – probably 20 gams a day over the last month.
I have NEVER seen multiple Q, X or Z in any game.
I HAVE seen multiple K, J and V’s

05.13.2011 / Liz said:

My high score was 472 and the word was quieting; cannot tell you the points for that as my Kindle screen looks like a messed-up Etch-a-Sketch and I must wait until Tuesday to recieve my free upgrade. I will be experiencing serious shuffled row shakes by then.. I have never seen more that one z, q, or j in a game, by the way.

05.17.2011 / Marcella said:

Just a tip… the word quivered just got me 150 points. My high score is only 369 so far.

06.09.2011 / Jody said:

I just got 500 for my high score! My highest word score is also quivered for 150. I have never seen more than one z, x, or q per game either.

09.23.2011 / The Dude Abides said:

My best word is quivering for 154 points. I have played the game to the point of the letters wearing off the buttons and have never seen two q, x, z. I’d like to, seems like I could always spell quizzes or pizza with the extra z.

10.03.2011 / Frankie said:

I,too, have reached the 500 mark. 516 is my high score with Quartzes being my high word of 168 points. I have never seen 2 Z,X or Qs in a game. I have seen 2 Ks because I’ve gotten KAYAKS a couple of times. I often wonder what the highest score could possibly be, give there is never 2 of those high letters…I think John Doe with the EQUALIZER has it wrapped up.Totally addicted! Have fun everyone!

10.05.2011 / wallace houghton said:

My high score is 530. I don’t remember seeing 2 z’s in a game, but kat says he/she spelled “dizzy” . Perhaps an anomaly.

10.05.2011 / mike said:

My big word is “quibbler” for 156 points. My high game is 465 and the high word in that game was “blazing” for 115 points. “Quibblers” would also get you 189. I have kept track of the 300 games I’ve played and I average 359, with 52 scores above 400. Lots of fun!

10.15.2011 / Shuffled Row | Holiday Headquarters said:

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12.01.2011 / Anne said:

I have never seen more than one z, x or q either. My high score is 428 and my highest word is squarely which I believe was 120 pts. This was not during my high game, though. I can’t stand when I get less than 300 points and will quit and restart if I feel this might happen. I wish there was a way to keep track of your stats in the game. I hope this game is helpful to the brain!!!!!

12.19.2011 / Jay said:

My high score is 524. I’ve broken thru 500 3 or 4 times. My high word score is 132 for ACQUIRED.

Confession: I play WAY too often — it’s very addictive. Also I lose patience when the letters aren’t good, and just restart the game. So while my high scores are true, it’s not that impressive in that it reflects many many games played.

I too have never seen more than one Q, X or Z in a game — and I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than one J either. This particular feature doesn’t bother me, but some others do:

1. Way too many H’s. This must reflect some bad underlying data regarding actual letter frequency.

2. There seems to be a rule prohibiting more than two occurrences of any letter within a single hand. This means that many fairly common words can never be played: BANANA, ENTREE, …

3. Agree with prior comment that the word dictionary needs to be updated (for example, TEXTED should qualify).

If anyone knows how to get comments to the developers, let us know, as I think this really fun game can be improved further with some minor tweaks.

02.18.2012 / Scott said:

Wow… I felt alright before coming here, but now I feel like an idiot. My high score is 278. I keep reading about high scores well into the 400s and past 500.

One thing–version 1.2 of Shuffled Row was made available Feb 3, 2012. I have no idea what has changed, but it might be worth updating.

05.16.2012 / Aurelia said:

My best word is quivered for 150 (like a couple other people here), and my high score is 420. The majority of my words are five or six letters, usually in the 30-50 point range.

I totally agree about too many H’s!

Now that I know “equalizer” is a possibility, I’ll try for it… I can always make something short, “hat” or “dig” or whatever, while I’m waiting for the right letters to come along.

06.10.2012 / snow said:

high score – 507
best word score – 132 -questing

07.06.2012 / Stephen said:

My high score is currently 444 with top score word of QUACKING at 174. Also managed several others words above 150 but ironically not during my highest scoring game or a new high scoring game. These high score games – 400+ – typically involve a 1-2 words in the 70-100 and 4+ in the 40-60 range

I score over 400 regularly (frequently enough to remain addicted) and over 350 at least once every 5-6 games (yes I do quit after poor start or too many of those H’s or worse 9 letters on screen, mostly vowels and H’s, all scoring 1. I will throw away a HO or a HA just to clear spaces. A short while ago when I start playing I had to score 300 before I stopped, I have upped that to 350. Usually this is within the first 5 games. If I hit 400 I usually stop for the day. If I didn’t have these self-imposed rules I’d be playing this too often and become anti-social.

The dictionary ought to be expanded … as a Brit in the US I get tripped up over spelling and words the game does not accept – I take mental notes as I go along of those words that don’t work. I get tripped up less often now but it still happens. I am not talking about words with U’s in them but fairly common words just not common in the US – I know “When in Rome.”

Some tips (for what they are worth):

I try to save letters E, D, R, S, O, I, N, G as much as possible to try to add -S, -ER, -ED, -ING, -ION and kick myself when I submit a word quickly only for the letter S to drop in the ninth slot.

Nearly always get the 10 bonus points at the end of the game – this sometimes necessitates throwing away a couple of letters on a 0 scoring word but I have become good at maximizing points with 5-6 letters remaining.

I join the chorus and state that I have never seen multiple J, X, Q, or Z in one game.

Now I know there is an upgrade available I’ll download.

07.09.2012 / Janet said:

I have never seen multiples of the high-scoring letters either. My high score is 490 and highest scoring word was vaporize for 150.

01.31.2013 / Jerry said:

High score without cheating is 416 with word LAXATIVE at 126. Highest cheating using this site is 516. Oddly enough I didn’t have a word better than my ‘real’ laxative!

05.04.2013 / Allan said:

High score is 534; “quantized” 210

05.26.2013 / Margaret said:

Definitely have had z, y, x, j occur in pairs before.

I’ve wroked my way up to 408 over the course of a year. It took a few months to get from 200 to 300 and then 300 to 400. Reaching 500 will justify the addiction. High word score doesn’t meet these standards though – “quieter” for 90. Was able to pass 500 by cheating but started over ‘on my own’ a couple of months ago. I play straight through wihtout stopping or I don’t count it. I generally do better after exercise or early in the morning.

“-s” and “-ed” endings are frequent easy strategies to incorporate. Also when there’s a choice between a shorter word with high-scoring letters and longer words with lower letter scorers, it’s usually better to go for the longer words.

Agree that their dictionary truly and inexcusably sucks.

Another complaint is that the Kindle simply is not a gaming device and so input delay sometimes creates problems.

08.11.2015 / highscorer said:

My high word score is “beziques” for 186. My high game score is 576; I don’t remember my best word for that game but it had a score of 90 and had a J in it.

To “cheat” for a high word score you can keep the letters you need for the word and toss all the rest. My previous word scores have been “quartz”, 104; “vagabond”, 120; “vaporize”, 150; and “kumquat”, 168.

12.03.2016 / Derek said:

Best word – BEZIQUES
Best score – 486

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