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Here’s a Spark-based progress bar. This component provides the ability to set an “event source” like a URLLoader. When the event source dispatches progress events, the progress bar will automatically update. On the other hand, if you don’t need automatic updating from an event source and just want to set a min, max, and current value, you really don’t need this component. Instead, you can use the Range component that comes with the Flex SDK and skin it just like this one is skinned. Right click the app to view the source. Enjoy!

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02.24.2011 / James said:

It easy to draw using drawing API anyway.

03.15.2011 / Marcel Ray said:

Awesome, thanks so much for sharing this.

One tiny suggestion: add a minimum property, as well?

08.11.2011 / Aaron Hardy said:


I just changed the progress bar to be based off of the Spark Range component so it now has a minimum. Notice if you’re not using “eventSource” you can get away with just using the Range component.

03.04.2012 / Gar said:

Curious – has anyone added an ‘indeterminate’ version?

03.06.2012 / Aaron Hardy said:

I don’t think anyone has added it yet but it has been requested. It’s the only open issue on GitHub. Feel free to fork the project and add it. I’d be glad to pull it in.

07.12.2012 / Santanu said:

Thank you Aaron. That is quite helpful! Thanks!

09.07.2012 / SystemAlex said:

I do not understand how to activate the EventSource, can you help please?

Thank you.

09.09.2012 / Aaron Hardy said:

SystemAlex, you just need to set the eventSource property to something that implements IEventDispatcher and dispatches progress events, like a URLLoader instance.

09.10.2012 / SystemAlex said:

Thanks you.

10.23.2013 / Dylan said:

Thanks dude that helped me out!

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