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The company I work at, Rain, has officially entered the iPhone development arena. This week we released an application for Kelly Clarkson (i.e., Sony BMG) called Kelly Clarkson: Open Mic. While I didn’t personally work on this application, I am proud of my co-workers and their serious skills at taking the app from scratch to the big show.

As a primer, the app challenges your singing abilities by allowing you to sing along with Kelly karaoke style. You’re able to sing songs from her latest album, All I Ever Wanted, and then be scored based on pitch and timing. If you’ve got singing skillz with a z then you might just win a chance to sing at Kelly Clarkson’s soundcheck, win tickets to the show, and go to a meet & greet event.

Props back to Josh Buhler for gracing me with his singing abilities while testing the app. Or so he says it was for testing anyway…

So there you go. Buy it and try out your singing abilities. Then send me a message from your iPhone telling me how exhilarating it was and make sure it says “sent from my iPhone” so I become increasingly more jealous. Enjoy!

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