A Thrilling Experience


Today was a momentous occasion.  After eating at Panda Express for lunch, my fortune cookie foretold that a thrilling experience was in my near future.  And oh was it so true!  On the drive back to work my ’95 Subaru hit 100,000 miles.  Twas such a thrilling experience that we pulled over to celebrate and capture the moment forever:


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08.12.2009 / DAD said:

Don’t EVER start with phrases like “momentous occasion” and “thrilling experience”. These days, it suddenly raises the questions, “Whose car died this time?”, or worse, “Who’s in the hospital this time?”.

Congrats. Your car is now almost broken in. That’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru. I’m at 163K.

08.13.2009 / Jennifer May said:

One more confirmation that you are SUCH a nerd! :)

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