Greener Pastures


You may have already figured out that Flex development is my primary skill these days. I would say I develop, talk, dream, or think about Flex a large majority of each living day. Today, I’ve decided to branch out into other skills.

Effective immediately, I’m extending an invitation to all Quiznos franchisees to contact me for employment as a Quiznos Cup Dancer. But here are my demands:

  • I must wear the Quiznos cup (illustrated here).
  • I must pay you, Quiznos, the hourly wage you would normally pay a Quiznos Cup Dancer.
  • I must wear it for a single hour, after which I may and will terminate my employment.
  • I must commit my full efforts to provide the best Quiznos Cup Dance you have ever personally witnessed.

Contact me. I’m waiting. Little Caesars franchisees need not apply.

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03.11.2010 / Andy said:

We’ll be sad to lose you. But I can certainly understand the reasoning. Quiznos would be INSANE not to jump on this chance.

03.29.2010 / Jonathan said:

That would indeed be a sweet gig!

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