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Marriage: Not The Government’s Business


News has been rampant lately when it comes to marriage–in particular the definition of marriage. At times these discussions and arguments have become violent and have raised anger levels amongst various social groups to dangerous levels. Some argue under the banner of morality and religion that the right to marry should be reserved for a man and a woman. Others argue under the banner of tolerance and equality that two people of the same gender should be able to marry one another. But what perpetuates the argument itself is government intervention.

While the arguments have almost wholly surrounded how the government should define marriage, I propose that the argument should instead be whether the government should be involved in defining marriage at all. What’s the purpose? What business does a government have in recognizing a sacred/emotional/spiritual commitment between citizens? Why must it determine who can officiate marriages? Why must its tax and social security laws distinguish between being married and not? Why is it involved at all? Continue reading »

#1 Priority – Tax-Free Toy Arrows


Remember in the news when all your government representatives had their panties in a wad about how they were scrambling to get a “bailout bill” prepared and passed? Well of all things most important to our country, they somehow managed to find time to slip section 503 into the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008:
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