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JavaScript Architecture: Backbone.js Routers


Updated Aug 11, 2012 to reflect current library versions.

In JavaScript Architecture: Backbone.js Views we discussed how to build dynamic apps that change views on the fly using JavaScript. Because view-switching is done without reloading the page or transferring control to a separate page, these are called single-page applications. Single-page applications pose a few issues we need to address:

  • When users hit their browser’s back button, they will be taken away from the app completely rather than back to a previous view within the app itself.
  • Users are only able to link to or bookmark the app itself–not a specific view within the app.
  • Deep views within the app may not be crawlable by search engines.

We want a great experience for our users. Successful apps behave as users would logically expect and users should feel like they can easily navigate back to where they were previously.

Like the topics we’ve addressed before, these issues aren’t specific to Backbone. It’s an issue that naturally arises in any single-page app. Fortunately, Backbone does a great job at addressing it and has a simple API. Continue reading »