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ImageInspector: An Image Zoom & Pan Component


This type of component is becoming quite popular these days and for good reason: it makes it extremely easy to quickly zoom in and pan around an image. I imagine most all of us have seen an example of this but I’ve never found the code for one that suits my fancy. So here you go. Here are some possibly unique features I wanted and implemented along with the usual goodies: Continue reading »

Container Panner


In Flex, the ability to scroll a container is commonplace. The ability to pan a container is not. By panning a container, I mean clicking down and dragging the content area, effectively scrolling the container.

I present the container panner. It’s a single class. Instantiate it and set the container property. That’s it. If you want, you can toggle the panning functionality and set custom cursors. Right-click to view the source. Go make something crazy.

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