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Free Flex Classes in Utah


If you’re interesting in learning Flex and live in Utah, feel free to join us in American Fork for free classes. Visit our Utah Flex Class Google group to learn more.

Utah’s Greatest Gift to Mankind


One of the great things about running a blog is the ability to share with random, distant strangers ideas that only a decade earlier would have been sequestered by a particular region or culture. Today, I’m officially declaring to the world one of the Utah’s greatest gifts to mankind: fry sauce. Utah’s mountains, fluffy snow, KFC, and rock climbing don’t hold a candle to the gift of fry sauce. Fry sauce is a brilliant, salmon-colored mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise, often creatively enhanced with BBQ sauce, garlic, chilies, and/or seasoning. Think I’m pulling your chain? Google frysauce and you’ll find hundreds of others who will never go back to plain ketchup for fry sousing. Continue reading »